Spirit Bottling Line for Alcoholic Beverages - 700-1500 BPH

Ref: USD-BOTT-100118

Spirit Bottling Line for Alcoholic Beverages - 700-1500 BPH


Speed 700-1500 bph for 70 cl bottle

Filler Capper MBF type Synchrofill 720.12TG/1M/1V - Year 2010

4 formats of caps: ROPP (screw) aluminium cap, T cap plastic head and cork body, GPI (plastic screw), mushroom cork (already formed)

4 formats of bottles : Néos, Kendo, 1 model champagne bottle and 1 special bottle

There are cap sorters for all types of caps included

Capsuling machine Robino & Galandrino for shrinkable cap. 1 shrinking head

Labeller 2 cold glue labelling station Kosme - Year 1993

About 15 m conveyors

Line stopped in 2016 in very good condition

Filling monobloc is in new condition, was in production for only a short time

Capsuling and labelling machines - Year 1993 - in perfectly maintained condition

Spare parts available for each machine

Price: On request Euros, GBP or USD ex works as is excluding dismantling, packing and loading. 

The information provided is for guidance only and the buyer should check all details upon inspecting the line