Microbrewery, 500 litre/brew **SOLD**

Ref: USD-BREW-190118


Microbrewery, 500 litre/brew


This complete microbrewery with all auxiliaries was delivered and installed by Austrian Mavim Brauanlage in year 2012. It is designed for restaurants for production of any types of beer and ale and filling it into KEGs. Capacity is 500 litres / brew, two - three brews per day. The equipment is currently installed.  It was used only for three years and is in very good condition. Capacity 12 000 ltr per month can be increased up to 40 000 ltr per month with additional CCTs.  

Manufacturer: Mavim Brauanlage

Year: 2012


Main equipment:

  • Roll Mill Tauber, two rolls, 100 kg. per hour
  • Stainless still with copper decoration complete two vessel brewhouse with mashtun/kettle & lauter tun, Mavim, 500 l., with fully automatic control system
  • Whirpool Mueller 500 l. stainless still, insulated
  • Plate heat exchanger Fisher
  • 5 x CCT Mavim, 1 000/1 400 l. each, cooling jacket, insulation, valves, piping, etc.
  • 4 x ВВТ Mueller, horizontal, 1 000/1 250 l., insulation, valves, piping, etc.
  • Chiller Packo PI B6C, 65 kW/h. Freon/Glycol 
  • Steam generator Dino CD72-K, electric, with water treatment system 
  • Air compressor AirKo AO-279
  • Washing & filling machine for KEGs Grundfos, 10 KEGs/h
  • Electricity distribution cabinet
  • Beer pump


Price: On request Euros, GBP or USD ex works as is excluding dismantling, packing and loading. 

The information provided is for guidance only and the buyer should check all details upon inspecting the line